Tiphaine Guillabert-Madinier

Tiphaine Guillabert-Madinier

Associate in History at Harvard University
Tiphaine Guillabert
  • Regions: Europe; France; Holy Roman Empire
  • Times: 16th-17th centuries
  • Themes: Cultural History; Folklore; History of Religion; Intellectual History; Reformation

Tiphaine Guillabert-Madinier specializes in the religious and « popular culture » history of early modern Europe with an emphasis on Germany and France.

She is a graduate from the Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS) and she did her M.A at the University of Vienna. She completed her dissertation both at Sorbonne University and Neuchâtel University in 2017.

Her publications include two books. The Battle between Carnival and the Reformation (2021), provides a missing step of the story of European carnival and a better understanding of its nature and function. Second it questions the relationship between Churches, festivals, and pleasure, and notably inquires whether it was a point of confessional differentiation or not. Third, it sketches out an anthropology of laugh in the protestant culture. The second one, Language and Faith at the Age of Reforms in Europe (2019), results from the International Symposium that she co-organised at La Sorbonne.

A associate at the Harvard department of History, she is focusing on the regulation of carnival and devotions across European contexts over a longer early modern period in a transnational history perspective. She deals with the influence of the mystique Marguerite-Marie Alacoque and the evolution of carnival’s ban in France and Germany.

She is also a fellow of the research center Roland Mousnier at Sorbonne University.



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