Sarah C. Rosenthal

Sarah C. Rosenthal

PhD Candidate in History of Art

Region: Europe, Holy Roman Empire
Time: 16th Century, 17th Century
Theme: Cultural History, History of Art and Artchitecture, Military History, Political History, Renaissance

I study the history of European art with a focus on questions of freedom, violence, and ethical responsibility in artistic practice and life. My work often investigates how images and objects deal with the position of the individual in relation to the systems and authorities dictating professional and social existence. I am currently working on a dissertation about Urs Graf, an artist and mercenary soldier active in the Swiss Confederacy and the battlefields of the Italian Wars during the first decades of the sixteenth-century. Materially, this project revolves around prints and drawings, but it also allows me to study metalwork, painted glass windows, panel paintings, weapons, military costumes, and battle flags.

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