Philip Liston-Kraft

Philip Liston-Kraft

Graduate Student at the Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures
Philip Liston-Kraft
  • Region: Europe; Holy Roman Empire
  • Time: 14th Century; 15th Century; 16th Century; 17th Century; 18th Century
  • Theme: German Literature; Religion


A.B. (Biochemistry and Music), M.D., J.D.

After receiving his A.B. at Harvard College, Philip Liston-Kraft studied medicine at Tufts University and completed a residency in psychiatry at McLean Hospital. He later studied law at Harvard Law School.  Most recently, he has been a Senior Director in the Legal Department at Biogen, specializing in Research and Development contracting.  He studied German privately with Justice Kraus and Danny Bowles, both of whom received their doctoral degrees from the German Department, and in 2015, he enrolled as a Special Student to pursue a burgeoning interest in Middle High German.  His final paper for Professor Kirakosian’s seminar on Philosophical Mysticism, entitled Bernard’s Belching Bride: The Affectus That Words Cannot Express, was published in Medieval Mystical Theology 26 (2017). Philip’s research interests include medieval German vernacular medical texts, and the relation between God and the individual as represented in the writings of Meister Eckhart and other mystics. Philip has a special penchant for the music of Wagner and Richard Strauss, and for the novels of Fontane and von Doderer.  He is also one half of the Liston-Kraft/Weiser Piano Duo. 


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