Nicholas Utzig

Nicholas Utzig

Graduate Student in English
  • Region: Britain; Europe
  • Time: 16th Century; 17th Century
  • Theme: British Literature; Military History; History of Theater

    I am a PhD candidate in English at Harvard University, where I specialize in early modern drama and militarism. Before coming to Harvard, I served as a helicopter pilot in the US Army, an experience that has shaped my study of war and literature. My dissertation examines the figure of the returned soldier in early modern English drama—a project not so much focused on stage combat as stage homecoming—and more generally, I am interested in literary engagements with war and its lingering aftereffects. In my spare moments I research the fascinating stage career of Maurice Evans, one of midcentury Broadway’s leading Shakespearean performers. My work has appeared in the Journal of War and Culture Studies and The Year’s Work in Medievalism, and I occasionally review military-themed work for the LA Review of Books.


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