Manuel Medrano

Manuel Medrano

Graduate Student in History at Harvard University
Manny Medrano
  • Regions: Europe; Iberia; Latin America
  • Times: 18th to 19th centuries
  • Themes: Colonialism; Digital History; History of the Book; History of Mathematics; History of Science; Intellectual History

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Manny Medrano studies the history of antiquarianism, archaeology, and museums, with a focus on the material culture of the Andes. His research interests span the history of science and mathematics, book history, digital humanities, and the history of knowledge in South America and the wider world. He is an expert on khipus – undeciphered knotted string devices used for recording information in the Inka Empire. Manny holds a BA in Applied Mathematics from Harvard College, magna cum laude, and an MPhil in Social Anthropology from the University of St Andrews, where he was a Marshall Scholar. He entered Harvard’s History PhD program in 2022.

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