Linda Mueller

Linda Mueller

PhD candidate in History of Art and Architecture at Harvard University
Linda Mueller
  • Region: Europe, Italy, Low Countries, Germany, Switzerland
  • Time: 15th Century; 16th Century
  • Theme: Renaissance Art and Architecture; Art and Religious Reform; Material Culture; Reformation; Counter-Reformation; Legal History; Art and Ethics; Art Historiography


Linda’s work examines early modern European art and architecture with a particular interest in central and northern Italy. Her research concentrates on the intersections between art, material culture, and religious reform in Italy and north of the Alps. Besides the early modern debate of images and the history of iconoclasm, she is interested in links between artistic and legal practice in Renaissance Italy, as well as in ethical issues and reasoning in Renaissance art and architecture. Of further interest to her are interdisciplinary approaches in the historiography of art history around 1900.

In 2020-2022 she is in residence as a Samuel H. Kress Foundation Institutional Fellow at the Kunsthistorisches Institut, Max Planck Institute in Florence, to work on her dissertation that studies contractual drawings in early modern Italy. Her work has previously been supported by Harvard’s Arthur Kingsley Porter Fellowship, the German Academic Scholarship Foundation’s ERP-Scholarship, and a DAAD Graduate Scholarship, among others. Linda has held fellow- and internships at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna, and the Musée du Louvre. She holds a BA from Tübingen University and MAs from Harvard University and Utrecht University.

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