Julia Tejblum

Julia Tejblum

Preceptor in Expository Writing
  • Region: Britain; England; Europe; United States
  • Time: 17th Century; 18th Century; 19th Century
  • Theme: British Literature; Environmental Humanities; History of Science; Poetry and Poetics

    Julia Tejblum is a faculty member of the Harvard Writing Program and the Writing Director for Humanities 10: A Humanities Colloquium. She currently teaches a first-year course called "Truth in a Post-Truth World," which considers the relationship between truth and fiction, the value of expertise and anecdotal evidence, and the anatomy of the conspiracy theory.

    Julia's own research focuses primarily on 18th and 19th century English poetry. Her current project, "Narrative Life and the Lyric Self: Autobiography and Poetic Form,” explores the role that the autobiographical mode plays in determining, or undermining, distinctions between lyric and narrative forms from the 17th to 19th centuries.

    Before receiving a PhD in English from Harvard, Julia received a Master's degree in English Literature from Oxford University, where she studied as a Clarendon Scholar, and a BA in English and Theater Arts from Brandeis University. At Harvard, she has coordinated the Long Eighteenth-Century and Romanticism Colloquium and taught British and American poetry from the 17th century to the present, children's and adolescent literature, narrative theory, the history of reading, and an interdisciplinary course on character archetypes.

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