Hudson Vincent

Hudson Vincent

Preceptor, Harvard College Writing Program
  • Region: Atlantic World; England; Europe
  • Time: 16th Century; 17th Century; 18th Century
  • Theme: British Literature; Colonialism; History of Science; Renaissance; Shakespeare; Translation Studies

    Hudson Vincent is a Preceptor in the Harvard College Writing Program and a Ph.D. candidate in Comparative Literature. His dissertation, "The English Baroque: The Logic of Excess in Early Modern Literature," argues that early modern English literature is an essential part of the first global aesthetic movement, the baroque. A fundamental concept for scholars in other literary and art historical disciplines, the baroque has been largely omitted from the history of English literature. By emphasizing multilingual, transatlantic, and cross-confessional relations, "The English Baroque" shows why the baroque is a better concept for understanding the global significance of early modern English literature than more isolated terms like metaphysical. Hudson's second book project is on early modern prison literature. He teaches classes in writing and literature at the Massachusetts Correctional Institution at Norfolk as well as a course titled "Are Prisons Obsolete?" in the Harvard College Writing Program. His writing has appeared in a variety of academic publications, including Critical Inquiry, Modern Language Notes, and Modern Language Quarterly.

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