Hannah Kaemmer

Hannah Kaemmer

Graduate Student in Architecture, Graduate School of Design
Hannah Kaemmer
  • Region(s): Europe; Britain
  • Time Period(s): 16th Century; 17th Century
  • Theme(s): Architecture

Hannah Kaemmer is a third-year PhD student studying the history of architecture and urbanism in early modern Europe, in particular 16th– and 17th-century England. Her current research focuses on the relationship between science, antiquarianism, and architecture in early modern England. She is also interested in the role of class and tradition in architectural theory and practice; past projects have examined the use of medieval references in domestic architecture, and the relation between architectural practice and gentry identity in 17th-century England.

Prior to Harvard, Hannah was a resident fellow at the Preservation Society of Newport County, where she researched patron-architect relationships in Gilded Age Newport, as well as the rebuilding, adaptation, and preservation of Newport’s Gilded Age homes in the 20th century. As a Fulbright grantee in York, UK, she investigated the design and use of English gentry houses in the 16th and 17th centuries. Hannah holds a Master of Arts in the Archaeology of Buildings from the University of York, and a Bachelor of Arts in History from Williams College.


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