Daria Kovaleva

Daria Kovaleva

Graduate Student in Eastern Mediterranean History, Department of History and Center for Middle Eastern Studies at Harvard University
Daria Kovaleva
  • Region: Eastern Mediterranean; Europe; Italy; Middle East
  • Time: 16th Century; 17th Century; 18th Century
  • Theme: Cultural History; History of Theater; Ottoman Literature


Daria Kovaleva specializes in the intersection of Eastern Mediterranean cultural history and the studies of global early modernity. Having attended four different universities in Russia, Israel, Hungary, the United States she has developed diverse and interdisciplinary research interests. Her previous projects focused on the Jewish and Ottoman travel literature, Ottoman imperial household and early modern cross-confessional diplomacy, Arabian nights and early Orientalism, modern cinematographic adaptations of medieval sources, Ottoman ceremonial topography. Daria's dissertation project at Harvard University explores the production of public culture under the early modern Ottoman political regime (1580-1826) and investigates Istanbul’s storytellers, comic impersonators, shadow puppeteers, their evolving dramatic practice and emerging repertoire.


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