Clio-Ragna Takas

Clio-Ragna Takas

Graduate Student in Comparative Literature
Clio Takas

· Regions: Greece, England, Italy
· Time Periods: 15th-17th century
· Themes: Early Modern Drama; Trans-imperial Contact Zones; Travel Writing; Oral Poetry and Performance; World-Making; Translation Studies; Popular Literature; Embodied Cognition & Early Modern Imagination.

I studied English and Modern Greek Literature for my BA at Brasenose College, Oxford, focusing on medieval and early modern Greek literature, Greek cinema, and Elizabethan dramatists. I stayed on at Oxford to do an MSt in Byzantine & Modern Greek at St Cross College, studying the Greeks of Venice, as well as early modern piracy and travel writing in connection with TIDE (an ERC-funded project concerning travel, transculturality and identity in early modern England). My dissertation compared English, Italian, and Cretan Renaissance drama, centring on the most prolific writer of the Cretan Renaissance, Georgios Chortatsis. My current research looks to examine Jesuit theatrical practice in early modern Greek drama together with contemporary theories of cognition.

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