Anja Silvia Goeing

Anja Silvia Goeing

Associate in History
Professor at University of Zurich, Institute for Educational Research
Anja Silvia Goeing
  • Region: Europe
  • Time Periods: 15th to 18th century; 20th-21st century
  • Themes: History of Higher Education; Information History

Anja-Silvia Goeing is Professor at the University of Zurich and Associate in History at Harvard University. She is also working with Professor Ann Blair to organize the early modern and book history groups and websites at Harvard University. Her book Storing, Archiving, Organizing: The Changing Dynamics of Scholarly Information Management in Post-Reformation Zurich came out in December 2016 in Brill’s series Library of the Written Word. Her work includes studies on fifteenth-century biographies written about the Italian humanist Vittorino da Feltre (1999; 2014). She has co-edited two volumes about late medieval and early modern textbooks and collectors’ knowledge (2008; 2013), the 2-volume festschrift for Anthony Grafton (2016), and lately, with Ann Blair, Paul Duguid, and Anthony Grafton, Information: A Historical Companion (2021).

From June 2015 to June 2017, she was principal investigator of a British Academy Project "Worlds and Networks of Higher Learning" with workshops in Newcastle upon Tyne, Oxford, Cambridge (where Richard Sergeantson was the internal organizer at Trinity College Cambridge) and the Institute for Historical Research in London. Co-investigators were Mordechai Feingold (Caltech) and Glyn Parry (Roehampton). Together they published the collected volume, Early Modern Universities: Networks of Higher Learning (2021), based on the outcome of these workshops.

In June 2018, she started two new projects, one on  "Exams, Disputes and Dissertations: The Making of Medical Knowledge in Early Modern Europe" (hereforth: "the making") with support of a Milton Grant, and a second project with members of Zurich University and with The Harvard Mahindra Humanities Center Seminar Universities: Past, Present, Future on  "Higher Education, Markets and Democracies: Different objectives in Switzerland, the UK, and the USA" (hereforth: "funding higher ed")

"The making" brought forward an omeka database on Daniel Sennert's dissertations and their respondents, which is growing slowly but steadily. This database is designed to give more information on a series of documents, the written disputations and dissertations that the medical professor Daniel Sennert presided over at the university of Wittenberg until his death in 1637. Her article on the topic is in peer review.

"Funding higher ed" is planned as a discussion and research group from 2023.


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