Anca Wilkening

Anca Wilkening

Doctoral Candidate in Religion and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (Secondary Field), Harvard GSAS
Anca Wilkening
  • Region: Atlantic World; Europe; North America
  • Time: 18th Century
  • Theme: German Literature; Colonialism; Cultural History; History of Gender and Sexuality; History of Religion

Anca's research interests bring to the surface the voices and stories of marginalized and often disregarded groups in the narration of early American religious history. In making people and communities outside of dominant Anglo-Protestant traditions the focal point of historical narratives she is seeking to understand the historical co-constitution and intersections of religious practice, gender, sexuality, and race. These themes converge in her research on the spaces that ‘dissenting’ Christianities created for non-normative constructions of gender, race, and belonging in their religious communities as well as in their missionary approaches and relationships with non-Europeans, specifically in North Eastern Native American communities.

Anca studied theology at the Universities of Hamburg and Heidelberg in Germany before earning a Master of Arts in Religion degree with a focus on the History of Christianity from Yale Divinity School in 2019.

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