Tamara Morsel-Eisenberg

Tamara Morsel-Eisenberg

Junior Fellow, Harvard Society of Fellows
Tamara Morsel-Eisenberg
  • Region: Europe
  • Time: 16th Century
  • Theme: Jewish History; Jewish Law; History of Knowledge

Dr. Tamara Morsel-Eisenberg is a Junior Fellow at the Harvard Society of Fellows. A historian of Early Modern Jewish culture, Tamara studies the history of knowledge, focusing on halakha (Jewish law) in sixteenth-century Europe. She received her PhD from the History Department of the University of Pennsylvania, where her dissertation showed how a material, social, and cultural changes in the sixteenth century, such as technological innovation, new forms of organization, and communal rupture profoundly transformed the world of halakha. Her work explores how scholars interact with knowledge, transmit it, understand it, and create it, and how the forms that texts take profoundly impact our ways of understanding them.

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