Abram Kaplan

Abram Kaplan

Junior Fellow, Society of Fellows
  • Region: England; France; Holy Roman Empire; Low Countries
  • Time Period: 16th Century; 17th Century; 18th Century
  • Theme: French Literature; History of the Book; History of Education; History of Mathematics; History of Science; Intellectual History; Latin Literature; Philosophy; Renaissance

    Abram Kaplan is a historian of science and intellectual historian of early modern Europe, with a focus on the exact sciences and humanism. He earned his PhD in history from Columbia University in November 2018 and is currently enjoying a Junior Fellowship at the Harvard Society of Fellows. He is working on a book manuscript, The Myth of Greek Algebra: Expertise and the Foundations of Progress, which uses the history of early modern efforts to reconstruct ancient analysis in order to illuminate the origin of progress as a goal of mathematical work. He is also developing a second project, called "Occupy the Canon," focusing on adverse possession of the classical canon by early modern innovators.

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