Richard Tarrant (Classics, Emeritus) and Alexander Riehle (Classics): Second day of a two-day workshop on the basics of text editing (John Duffy Society)


Friday, April 22, 2022, 2:00pm to 3:15pm


Online on Zoom. To view this event online, individuals will need to register via Zoom (see detailed announcement for the link).
On April 21st (12-1:15 PM) and April 22nd (2-3:15 PM), the John Duffy Society is hosting two virtual workshops on the basics of text editing.
This two-day workshop led by Richard Tarrant (Classics, Emeritus) and Alexander Riehle (Classics) is intended to introduce methods and challenges of editing texts beyond the basics of collation. Day 1 (Thursday) will feature broader discussion of stemmatics and open traditions from both traditional and New Philological perspectives. Day 2 (Friday) will focus on practical case studies involving specific issues like punctuation, interpolation, and the challenges posed by large traditions. Please register in advance (for each day separately) to receive the readings.


Workshop will take place on Zoom. Both days will consider topics relevant to both ancient and medieval texts. Examples discussed on Day 2 will be drawn from Greek and Latin; knowledge of one or both languages is useful but not required for either day. All members of the community—students, faculty, and beyond—are welcome to attend.