Harvard FAS Premodern Race Seminar: Discussing Geraldine Heng's Book Chapter and SJ Pearce's Review Essay


Monday, April 19, 2021, 1:00pm to 2:30pm


Virtual Event

Discussing Chapter 2 of Geraldine Heng's "The Invention of Race in the European Middle Ages," SJ Pearce's review essay of the book, and Heng's response to the review.

Co-organized by Anna Wilson (Dept. of English) and Rachel Love (Dept. of Classics), this seminar meets every other Monday to discuss pre-circulated readings on race and critical race studies in the premodern world. This semester we have an exciting line-up of guest speakers, including Jackie Murray, Adam Miyashiro, and Nandini Pandey, and we will be tackling issues ranging from the myth of 'Western Civ' to teaching indigeneity.

Meets online via Zoom (contact alexandraschultz@g.harvard.edu for meeting info).