Adam Beaver

Adam Beaver

Derek Bok Center Director of Pedagogy
Adam Beaver
  • Region(s): Spain; Iberia; Europe
  • Time Period(s): 15th century; 16th century; 17th century
  • Theme(s): Intellectual Cultural History; Religion


As Director of Pedagogy, Adam Beaver provides leadership and strategic direction for the Bok Center's faculty programming, while working closely with faculty and graduate students in the humanities, social sciences, and General Education. Trained as a Renaissance historian, Adam is especially attuned to what we can learn from the deep history of universities, including the different kinds of intellectual practices and communities which have inhabited them. Rather than see recent trends in higher education, from the digital revolution to the shift towards active learning techniques, as moments of rupture which render traditional modes of teaching obsolete, Adam is interested in thinking with teachers about the best way to blend different kinds of techniques and exercises into a bespoke style that works for each individual instructor and course.

Before coming to the Bok Center, Adam was an assistant professor of History at Princeton. He received his AB, AM, and PhD from Harvard, as well as his MSt from the University of Oxford.

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